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33-svarec.jpgWelding is one of the methods of joining materials.

Welding uses the means of heat or pressure to join materials. The welding process can be divided into two basic fields. One of them is the so-called fusion welding process, where a proportional part of the welded pieces undergoes the smelting process; belonging to this group are the methods of arched welding, resistance welding, and welding by an electronic or laser beam. The second field is the so-called non-fusion welding process, which includes hard soldering technology, soft soldering, and firm phase welding.



b280-combi.jpgWe use:

Gysmi 180 AC/DC welding invertor – inverted welder for welding by the TIG AC and TIG DC methods. It is possible to weld at the same time by means of a covered electrode up to 4.0mm in diameter. Aluminum materials can be welded up to a thickness of ca. 6mm using the TIG AC method. CO 2 BECOP 280 Welder.